Tech department

Officina Contini works independently, equipped with three updated CAD licenses (Cimatron E) and software programs for moulding kinematics and automatic mould assembly. Two people work together in the Technical department: on receipt of the mathematical model of the part from the client, they design the mould, conducting a feasibility study, including an analysis of part geometry, and critical parts (if dealing with structural moulds, such as those in the automotive sector).

This analysis with an updated 3D image of the mould and images of the critical zones is sent to the customer to discuss technical feasibility and part filling. The actual product design is then started in collaboration with the foundry. We provide the 3D model – editable, but with no risk of losing the existing data.

The pressure filling canals and the matrix and mould temperature regulation circuit are dimensioned. In collaboration with the enterprise “Ecotre” (Brescia, Italy, reseller of the specialized software “Procast”) the filling process is then simulated, using all program applications, to provide the customer with an immediate response on the final result, in terms of filling and air distribution in the mould, in order to optimize design. We consider the “Procast” program leader in the casting simulation software.